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Marble Surface

What areas do you serve?

We have offices and indoor showrooms in Columbus, MS and Greenwood, MS. Our service area generally includes the northern half of Mississippi, west central Alabama, and south west Tennessee, including the metro Memphis area. We routinely ship monuments across the United States, so please ask us if you have a need outside of our full-service area. 

How much does a monument cost?

Every monument is made from scratch. It can be any color, size, shape, finish and design. There are literally tens of thousands of combinations. Because of the vast number of possibilities, a printed price list is not feasible. For example, the cost of a flat marker ranges from $400 to more than $1,000 depending on the options selected. We will work with you to design the perfect monument that fits in your budget.

Most people have never had to purchase a monument and don't have any idea what they cost. A typical single upright style  monument in Georgia Grey granite costs on average from $700 to $2,000. A typical double upright style monument in Georgia Grey granite will cost on average from $1,700 to $3,500. This is only a range for the most common sizes and finishes. The actual cost can vary significantly based on the options selected.   

What is the best way to select a monument?

The best way to select a monument is to visit one of our indoor showrooms. We have a large number of sample headstones on display, which will allow you to see the many options in person. If you are unable to visit one of the showrooms, take a look through our website and make a note of a couple of a couple of designs you are interested in. Give us a call and we will be happy to figure a price on the designs you selected. Calling us is the best options because we will usually have a few questions. You can also submit your selections via our website, but we will most likely have to get some additional information to be able to accurately figure pricing. 

Do different colors cost more?

The light gray granite you commonly see in cemeteries is the least expensive. It is quarried in Georgia and is very plentiful. White Cherokee Marble also comes from Georgia and is slightly more expensive than the Georgia Grey granite.  Other colors will vary in price from 1-1/2 times the price of Georgia Grey to more than 4 times the price of Georgia Grey. These different colors come from all over the world and totally change the look of the monument. We are happy to price any monument in any color. 

Do you deliver and install the monument?

Yes! Delivery and installation is included in the price of any monument that will be located in our service area. We construct a concrete footing under every monument we install to help prevent settling and shifting in the future. 

How long does it take for the monument to be made and installed?

This can vary significantly depending on the monument selected. A typical traditional monument will normally take about 8 to 10 weeks from finalization of the order until installation. Some colors and finishes will take longer. When we figure pricing we can also give you an estimated lead time. 

How long should I wait before buying a monument?

The most important answer to this question is... wait until you are ready. The monument will be viewed by future generations and shouldn't be purchased under pressure or rushed. You have probably heard that you should let the ground settle before installing a monument. The vast majority of monuments are installed just behind the actual grave on undisturbed ground. It can be installed at any time. If for some reason the ground isn't ready for installation, we will hold the monument until the conditions are right. This is more common in the winter due to rain soaked ground than it is from unsettled dirt. 

I found a monument I like on the internet. Should I buy it?

Before you consider buying a monument on a website, do some research. Does the company readily show their physical address? Some will not show an address, so you really have no idea who you are dealing with. How long have they been in business? Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau? Do they have good reviews other than the ones they show you on their website?  Are they a member of Monument Builders of North America (MBNA)? MBNA vets every member to ensure that their members are legitimate monument companies with a physical shop and storefront. If you have any doubts, you can go directly to MBNA's website ( and check membership status for yourself. Also please remember that most likely an internet monument company won't install the monument. They will ship it to you via a truck line. The most common size of double monument weighs about 1,300 pounds and will require special equipment and knowledge to install. A local monument company will work with you to design the perfect memorial to your loved one.  They will handle the entire process from design to engraving to installation. We always welcome our customers to share their ideas and photos with us. 

The cemetery told me I must buy the monument from them. Is this correct?

No. Federal law prohibits a cemetery from requiring you to buy a monument from them. Some cemeteries or employees will tell you all kinds of things to try to get you to buy the monument from them. They will claim they can save you money or they aren't responsible if their mowers damage it. These things aren't true. Most cemeteries are not in the actual monument business and are just re-selling a monument that they buy elsewhere. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, bank checks, and credit or debit cards. Please note that all cards are charged a 3.5% convenience fee to cover our cost from the card processors. There is no additional fee on any of the other payment methods. 

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